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Worldbound Ltd.

9119 Field Road
Pikesville MD 21208

Office (410) 363-7436
Fax (410) 356-2012
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Vision / Mission

Worldbound Limited, LLC is a business investment and development, project management, technology commercialization, manufacturing and sourcing solution for the new millennium. On behalf of our clients, we break through the obstacles that traditionally have made international commerce prohibitive. Our multinational staff creates a communication environment that is easy to work within and our corporate culture reflects the best qualities that both the East and West have to offer. 


Worldbound Limited is committed to providing quality services and products tailored to the clients’ needs. We have integrated our varied experiences to create a transparent and secure environment to do business internationally. We offer business development services, project management services to fully educate our clients about the entire process from concept to delivery. We offer technology commercialization services. In addition to our services, we have entered into manufacturing relationships with manufacturers throughout the Asian Quarter, Europe, Africa, Central and South America and Canada to produce quality products. Worldbound Limited has fostered relationships with many factories to assist us in providing products outside of our core business through our Product Sourcing Unit. 


Business Development

With our experienced staff, Worldbound Limited can provide a wide array of services to prepare your company to enter and thrive in the international arena. From business plans to patent submissions to financing and investment to overall business management services, Worldbound Limited is your one-stop source.  

Project management

Our staff can assist or direct your efforts to produce and take a product to market. From CAD design to production to delivery, Worldbound Limited is committed to assisting our clients throughout the entire production process. We can provide a number of services to bring your project to fruition. Worldbound Limited recognized the need to be able to control all aspects of the production line so that there is more direct and open communication with customers to increase reliability to customers as a supplier and manufacturer to achieve customers’ satisfaction. Worldbound Limited intends to maintain a focused and manageable customer base in order to give them more personal and professional attention.



Technology Commercialization

Over the years Worldbound has had the honor and privilege to assist a number of inventors and designers in commercializing their inventions and technologies. From individual inventions to solar energy to road building and shipping technologies, Worldbound has given value to its clients entering the marketplace with new ideas.


Worldbound Limited’s factories offer plastic, electronic, apparel, die-cast, ceramic, plush and printed products as our core production. Our existing product lines also consist of customer’s exclusive designs - OEM items.


To ensure that we continue to meet our customers’ requirements, we have endeavored to work with our factories to provide the best technology and standards, such as equipping our factories with Clean Rooms for assembly and packaging of hygienic products for the Food Industry. Our testing laboratories provide the state-of-the-art equipment to ensure client specifications, quality and safe products. Our production capacity is vast, efficient and timely. 

Product Sourcing

In addition to our key product lines, we are able to develop projects in other product groups for any industry. Throughout this area of business, we act as sourcing agents while providing technical support to our clients through our Engineering and QA/QC Departments. 


Worldbound Limited and its associated factories adhere to all international and domestic regulations and certifications. In keeping with our objective of continuous improvement, Worldbound Limited and our factories constantly strive to provide fair wages and working hours, clean and safe working environments and decent housing, etc. for our workers in order to provide our clients with a quality product produced by satisfied workers.

Our corporate management consistently implements our vision through all activities to maximize the benefits to our clients. The result is that our products are shipped on time, products have passed safety testing and shipments have been of acceptable quality as per our clients’ pre-shipment inspection results. 


Worldbound Limited enjoys an established track record of producing excellent results for our customers. The expressions of satisfaction and encouragement we have received are numerous, and we intend to continue our advances and growth throughout the international marketplace with more unique and effective designs and ideas. Worlbound Limited’s strongest asset is the service offered to our clients. We are able to maintain this high level of service by recruiting people with integrity, qualifications, and experience.


Our goal is to provide superior service to our customers and improve their bottom-line, so that we may grow with them.